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The Franklin High School Performing Arts Boosters seeks to provide additional financial and physical support to the performing arts programs, clubs, and activities within the school! We also offer 4 scholarships* to active performing arts students. We are a 100% non-profit organization. We take over where the school’s performing arts budgets and physical support falls short. We are made up of parents who donate time, energy and/or money to support our kids. We are devoted to supporting the band, choir, orchestra, theater, guitar, and dance programs. *membership required to qualify

Why We Do It

- County budgets for our fabulous arts programs do not cover the necessary needs for our teachers and students. FHS Performing Arts Boosters steps in to cover the shortfall. - We also provide special events to enrich the student’s experience!

How We Do It


Sell concessions at all plays and concerts

Hold fundraisers and dining outs throughout the year

Provide opportunities for shoutouts in the playbill

Procure ads for the playbill

100% of all money raised goes directly back to the performing programs for our children!


Date Time Event
10/14/2021 7pm Fall Concert (Band, Orchestra, Choir)
12/06/2021 7pm Winter Concert (Band, Percussion Ensemble)
12/07/2021 7pm Winter Concert (Choir)
12/09/2021 7pm Winter Concert (Orchestra)
01/20/2022 7pm Jazz Night (Jazz Band)
04/05/2022 7pm Band Side-by-Side(Band Feeder School Event)
04/07/2022 7pm Chorus Feeder SchoolNight
04/27/2022 6pm Dance Recital
05/02/2022 7pm Spring Concert (Band, Percussion Ensemble)
05/04/2022 7pm Spring Concert (Choir)
05/05/2022 7pm Spring Concert (Guitar)
05/09/2022 7pm Spring Concert (Orchestra)
05/10/2022 7pm Celebrate Strings (Orchestra Feeder School Event)

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